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Pig In Flight - Hardcover

America is more divided than ever. Angry mobs claim to have levitated Washington. Families are squabbling. Fashion is really bad and getting worse, and grown people can't even understand what that music means! 


Yes, much seems lost in 1968, and the nation finds itself hungry for a new kind of leadership, one that, if it can't bridge the divide, can at least add pork to the barrel. A new political party rises from the chaos and its candidate (a pig!) is nominated on national TV.


But the pig is not safe, man! It is messing with the machine! Its nominating party wants to barbecue it. The government is hunting it as evidence. The meatpackers circling Chicago seek its bi-products. And caught among them are two Vietnam vets: one who believes America will elect the pig and vows to defend it with his life, and the other who does neither. Only a narrow escape over the most unlikely of routes offers the trio any hope of longevity, but they must survive it first.

Pig In Flight - Hardcover

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